Planning permission has been granted for the construction of 2 contemporary ‘beach houses’ which replace an existing bungalow on the north Cornish coast.

The contemporary approach to the design of these new houses will create a bold but sensitive intervention to replace a tired, poorly constructed structure which is no longer fit for purpose. An additional dwelling will be created and an exciting pair of new buildings carefully introduced to reinvigorate this under utilised site within a magnificent location.

It is proposed that both new houses be constructed with a simple palette of materials which reflect the local vernacular and sit comfortably within this ‘green’ coastal location. While each house has been designed to respond to its specific site, size and layout, they share a common language and design response to produce a strong yet sensitive proposal for this amazing location.

The component elements of each house are expressed as simple, clean cubic volumes which respond to the topography of the site by creating a series of stepped elements. The lower ground floor levels of each house are partially built into the hillside (ie below existing levels) to further conceal the new buildings within their surroundings.