The stair links the Royal William Yard to the Coast Path and Park above and was always part of the master plan, providing access to the park and historic battlements above the high retaining wall, and allowing walkers to continue along the Coast Path through the Yard via a dramatic piece of architecture.

We designed the stair to emulate the excitement of journeying along the Coast path. The journey is different depending on your approach; From the Yard the stair is a dark solid mass, snug against the historic retaining wall, and the journey is only apparent as you climb it. The concealed glass viewing platform and panoramic views over the Tamar are concealed until the last minute; From the park above the entrance is housed within a sunken ruin of an old military store and the journey starts with the steel ‘portal’ cut through the huge wall and the expansive view from the top. At night it changes again, using concealed LEDs beneath the handrail to wash the inner surfaces with colour, reminiscent of seaside promenades across the country.