The provision of warm, healthy food for all employees is a core principle of the Riverford organisation. Many workers spend long hours working outside or within the windowless realm of the pack house and warehouse spaces. It is therefore important that all employees feel they have a warm, inviting space to come together, eat and socialise. Indeed, it’s a space where all workers will be encouraged to rub shoulders, be they board directors or seasonal pickers.

The design of the proposed canteen is clean and simple, reflecting the agricultural vernacular and materials of adjacent buildings.

To ensure the building sits quietly within its surroundings, the proposed plan is very simple and functional. The linear form places the functional kitchen spaces to the north, back into the tree line, while the seating and social spaces occupy the bright, airy southern edge and with it the opportunity to open out onto a south facing external terrace, screened by north-south fruit vines.

The proposals have been designed to ensure a scheme which is energy efficient, with minimum carbon footprint in use, whilst offering excellent internal comfort for occupants.