This striking new building provides the school and local community with a large learning resource centre at ground floor and specialist IT / humanities classrooms over. Additional accommodation includes seminar spaces and staff offices. The new building is located on a prominent site adjacent the main school entrance and is linked to the existing buildings by means of glazed link.

Integral to the design of the building are its passive environmental systems. Natural ventilation and night cooling are provided by a Passivent system which comprises window mounted intake louvers and roof mounted extract terminals. The system is electronically controlled by sensors which react to changes in temperature and CO2 levels. Night cooling during summer months is made possible by internally exposed concrete floor and roof soffits which act to store excess heat during the day. Cooler night air is passed over the warmer concrete to cool the building ready for occupation the next morning.

Elsewhere, the building has been orientated to maximize the penetration of natural light while deep roof overhangs and brise soleil prevent excessive solar gains. Northern facing facades have smaller window openings to reduce heat loss during winter months.