Only truly visible from the river, Old Quay is located to the west of the village on the River Yealm itself and is within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Initially our clients intended to extensively refurbish the existing property however after substantial investigation it became apparent that due to the level of flood risk, and environmental performance desired, this was not going to be feasible.

The proposal forms a distinctive replacement dwelling that, through careful massing and a sensitive palette of materials, respects the unique location. The building is positioned tight to the existing bank and the majority of the proposal is single storey sat on a stone plinth 1.8m above the existing quay side with a cantilevering terrace edges. This linear form relates both to the quay side itself and terraced cottages on the opposite bank and avoids interrupting the horizontal line of the hillside. A break between the two storey and single storey sections is articulated by a large setback in the glazed facade forming a sheltered courtyard which allows a glimpse of the planted hillside and reduces the mass of the proposal. The single and two storey sections are united by the zinc ‘S’ which wraps the distinct parts to form a single building whilst sheltering the façade and allowing our clients to make the most of their spectacular views.

The proposal to replace the existing dwelling was granted planning permission after extensive engagement with the local planning authority in 2014. Construction commenced at the start of 2015.